Dr. Patricia Neilson

pat_neilsonPat Neilson is a registered psychologist, with over 25 years of clinical experience. She specializes in assessment and treatment in the areas of pain and injury management, acquired brain injury, trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders, and adjustment to life changes.

Dr. Neilson received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in 1979, and worked as a Probation Officer in Fort St. John, B.C., before moving to Calgary to complete her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. She became a Registered Psychologist in 1985, and began her psychology career as a therapist at the Pastoral Institute in Calgary. With her research and experience in spousal and sexual abuse, she was recruited to Regina, Saskatchewan to develop the first provincial treatment programs for abusive and sexual offenders. Dr. Neilson obtained her Doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Regina and worked as the Program Director for the Regina Mental Health Clinic for 10 years. In 1994, Pat and her husband and two young children returned home to the Okanagan, where she began her private practice.

pat_neilsonIn 1995, Pat joined forces with Doug Egan and Dr. Len Stein to form Vernon Professional Group. The group provided private therapy as well as treatment and assessment of sexual and other offenders through contract with Forensic Psychiatric Services. In 2000, the group relocated to their current home at the Galbraith House, and expanded to include a multi-disciplinary group of private clinicians.

Pat works full-time as a clinical psychologist in private practice. She routinely receives referrals from individuals, physicians, lawyers, the RCMP, ICBC, WorkSafe BC, insurance companies, Criminal Injuries, and a number of employee assistance programs.
Dr. Neilson believes in collaborative partnership, and has worked with a number of community and professional organizations. She provides critical incident debriefing to the RCMP and WorkSafe BC clientele.  She was President of the North Okanagan/Shuswap Brain Injury Society for 5 years, and a Director and President of BrainTrust Canada for 6 years. Pat maintains her activity in the community through coaching, volunteer work and many sports activities.